Lucy Grizzli Sophie (2024 film)

Lucy Grizzli Sophie

Lucy Grizzli Sophie: Sophie is a hunted, traumatized woman. Seeking to escape her reality, she lands in an Airbnb hundreds of miles from her home. She is welcomed there by Martin, who occupies the premises with his aunt, Louise. Over the course of drunken evenings, tongues loosen and a disturbing complicity emerges between the man and the traveler... What if Sophie's presence in this remote bled was not so fortuitous?

Lucy Grizzli Sophie Overview

Category Thriller , Drama
Production company Max Films (CA) , KO24 (CA)
Original language fr
Runtime 1.483 Hour
Release date 2024-02-23
Spoken language Français
Rating 63.33% 63.33
Vote Count 3

Lucy Grizzli Sophie - FAQ

What are Categories of Lucy Grizzli Sophie ?

Category of Lucy Grizzli Sophie is Thriller , Drama

What are the Production companies of Lucy Grizzli Sophie ?

Production companies of Lucy Grizzli Sophie are Max Films (CA) , KO24 (CA)

What is the Original language of Lucy Grizzli Sophie ?

Original_language of Lucy Grizzli Sophie is fr

What is the Run time of Lucy Grizzli Sophie ?

Run time of Lucy Grizzli Sophie is 1.483 Hour

What is Release date of Lucy Grizzli Sophie ?

Release date of Lucy Grizzli Sophie is 2024-02-23


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