Mari(dos) (2023 film)


Mari(dos): Emilio and Tono both receive phone calls that their wives are in comas after a ski-resort avalanche. At the hospital desk, they make a shocking discovery: their wives are, in fact, the same person … Laura. Forced to wait together until Laura regains consciousness, Emilio and Toni battle to prove who is her one and only true husband.

Mari(dos) Overview

Category Comedy
Production company Telecinco Cinema (ES) , Mediaset España (ES) , Movistar+ (ES) , Think Studio (ES)
Original language es
Runtime 1.7 Hour
Release date 2023-03-10
Spoken language Español
Rating 46.25%
Vote Count 28

Mari(dos) - FAQ

What is Category of Mari(dos) ?

Category of Mari(dos) is Comedy

What are the Production companies of Mari(dos) ?

Production companies of Mari(dos) are Telecinco Cinema (ES) , Mediaset España (ES) , Movistar+ (ES) , Think Studio (ES)

What is the Original language of Mari(dos) ?

Original_language of Mari(dos) is es

What is the Run time of Mari(dos) ?

Run time of Mari(dos) is 1.7 Hour

What is Release date of Mari(dos) ?

Release date of Mari(dos) is 2023-03-10


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