Ostatnia Wieczerza (2022 film) Review

Ostatnia Wieczerza

Ostatnia Wieczerza: In a monastery cut off from the world, the monks run a clinic for the possessed. One day, a young policeman Marek comes to the convent. Posing as a clergyman, he penetrates monastic life and tries to explain the recent, mysterious disappearance of several tormented inmates. It turns out, however, that there is no way out of the monastery.

Ostatnia Wieczerza Overview

Category Horror
Production company Akson Studio (PL)
Original language pl
Runtime 1.5 Hour
Release date 2022-10-26
Spoken language Latin , Polski
Rating 60.57%
Vote Count 244

Ostatnia Wieczerza - FAQ

What is Category of Ostatnia Wieczerza ?

Category of Ostatnia Wieczerza is Horror

What is the Production company of Ostatnia Wieczerza ?

Production companies of Ostatnia Wieczerza is Akson Studio (PL)

What is the Original language of Ostatnia Wieczerza ?

Original_language of Ostatnia Wieczerza is pl

What is the Run time of Ostatnia Wieczerza ?

Run time of Ostatnia Wieczerza is 1.5 Hour

What is Release date of Ostatnia Wieczerza ?

Release date of Ostatnia Wieczerza is 2022-10-26

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