Avgrunden (2023 film)


Avgrunden: Frigga tries to balance her risky job as a security manager in the Kiirunavaara mine with her family life, her new love, and her ex, who doesn’t want to let go. But when the ground suddenly starts to shake under their feet, the puzzle of life doesn’t matter and the struggle to not be pulled into the abyss begins.

Avgrunden Overview

Category Thriller , Drama , Action
Production company SF Studios (SE)
Original language sv
Release date 2023-09-15
Spoken language svenska
Rating 60%
Vote Count 1

Avgrunden - FAQ

What are Categories of Avgrunden ?

Category of Avgrunden is Thriller , Drama , Action

What is the Production company of Avgrunden ?

Production companies of Avgrunden is SF Studios (SE)

What is the Original language of Avgrunden ?

Original_language of Avgrunden is sv

What is Release date of Avgrunden ?

Release date of Avgrunden is 2023-09-15


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