건축학개론 (2012 film)


건축학개론: When Seung-min was on his first year at the Academy of Architecture, he met Seo-yeon. She was a musician student, and Seung-min totally fell in love with her. Years have passed, and now he meets Seo-yeon again - she asks him to rebuild her father's old house.

건축학개론 Overview

Category Comedy , Romance
Production company Myung Films (KR)
Original language ko
Runtime 1.967 Hour
Release date 2012-03-22
Spoken language 한국어/조선말
Rating 74.56%
Vote Count 113

건축학개론 - FAQ

What are Categories of 건축학개론 ?

Category of 건축학개론 is Comedy , Romance

What is the Production company of 건축학개론 ?

Production companies of 건축학개론 is Myung Films (KR)

What is the Original language of 건축학개론 ?

Original_language of 건축학개론 is ko

What is the Run time of 건축학개론 ?

Run time of 건축학개론 is 1.967 Hour

What is Release date of 건축학개론 ?

Release date of 건축학개론 is 2012-03-22


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