Sandwich (2023 film) Review


Sandwich: A newly wed couple invites a woman for threesome. Unknown to them someone is watching their sexcapade. When the threesome becomes foursome, that's when chaos begins.

Sandwich Overview

Category Drama
Production company Viva Films (PH) , Vivamax (PH)
Original language tl
Runtime 1.533 Hour
Release date 2023-05-19

Sandwich - FAQ

What is Category of Sandwich ?

Category of Sandwich is Drama

What are the Production companies of Sandwich ?

Production companies of Sandwich are Viva Films (PH) , Vivamax (PH)

What is the Original language of Sandwich ?

Original_language of Sandwich is tl

What is the Run time of Sandwich ?

Run time of Sandwich is 1.533 Hour

What is Release date of Sandwich ?

Release date of Sandwich is 2023-05-19

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