Suki (2023 film) Review


Suki: A lady stripper and a gigolo promised each other that their work can't break them apart. But when lust and temptation come into the picture, they begin to question their vow.

Suki Overview

Category Drama
Production company Viva Films (PH) , Vivamax (PH)
Original language tl
Release date 2023-02-24
Rating 26.67%
Vote Count 3

Suki - FAQ

What is Category of Suki ?

Category of Suki is Drama

What are the Production companies of Suki ?

Production companies of Suki are Viva Films (PH) , Vivamax (PH)

What is the Original language of Suki ?

Original_language of Suki is tl

What is Release date of Suki ?

Release date of Suki is 2023-02-24

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