고급창녀 2 (2022 film)

고급창녀 2

고급창녀 2: Jini feels skeptical about her familiar life. A life you want to run away from. She has a crush on the newly entered boxer Doosan and asks to leave the place together. Doosan decides to stay there, contrary to Jini’s wishes. By the way…

고급창녀 2 Overview

Category Drama
Original language ko
Runtime 1.1 Hour
Release date 2022-10-19
Spoken language 한국어/조선말

고급창녀 2 - FAQ

What is Category of 고급창녀 2 ?

Category of 고급창녀 2 is Drama

What is the Original language of 고급창녀 2 ?

Original_language of 고급창녀 2 is ko

What is the Run time of 고급창녀 2 ?

Run time of 고급창녀 2 is 1.1 Hour

What is Release date of 고급창녀 2 ?

Release date of 고급창녀 2 is 2022-10-19


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