Sleeping Beauty (1959 film)

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty: A beautiful princess born in a faraway kingdom is destined by a terrible curse to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep that can only be awakened by true love's first kiss. Determined to protect her, her parents ask three fairies to raise her in hiding. But the evil Maleficent is just as determined to seal the princess's fate.

Sleeping Beauty Overview

Budget 6 million
Category Fantasy , Animation , Romance , Family
Production company Walt Disney Productions (US)
Box office 51.6 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.25 Hour
Release date 1959-02-17
Spoken language English
Rating 69.45%
Vote Count 4828

Sleeping Beauty - FAQ

What is Budget of Sleeping Beauty ?

Budget of Sleeping Beauty is 6 million

What are Categories of Sleeping Beauty ?

Category of Sleeping Beauty is Fantasy , Animation , Romance , Family

What is the Production company of Sleeping Beauty ?

Production companies of Sleeping Beauty is Walt Disney Productions (US)

What is the Box office collection of Sleeping Beauty ?

Box office Collection of Sleeping Beauty is 51.6 million

What is the Original language of Sleeping Beauty ?

Original_language of Sleeping Beauty is en

What is the Run time of Sleeping Beauty ?

Run time of Sleeping Beauty is 1.25 Hour

What is Release date of Sleeping Beauty ?

Release date of Sleeping Beauty is 1959-02-17


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