Inferno (1999 film)


Inferno: Eddie Lomax is a drifter who has been in a suicidal funk since the death of his close friend Johnny. Riding his motorcycle into a small desert town where Johnny once lived, Lomax is confronted by a gang of toughs, who beat him and steal his bike. However, Lomax is not a man to take an injustice lying down, and soon he begins exacting a violent revenge on the men who stole his motorcycle, with local handyman Jubal Early lending a hand and several area ladies offering aid and comfort.

Inferno Overview

Budget 15 million
Category Action , Drama , Romance
Production company KPI Productions , Lomax Productions , PM Entertainment Group (US) , Long Road International (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.583 Hour
Release date 1999-09-25
Spoken language English
Rating 61% 61
Vote Count 288

Inferno - FAQ

What is Budget of Inferno ?

Budget of Inferno is 15 million

What are Categories of Inferno ?

Category of Inferno is Action , Drama , Romance

What are the Production companies of Inferno ?

Production companies of Inferno are KPI Productions , Lomax Productions , PM Entertainment Group (US) , Long Road International (US)

What is the Original language of Inferno ?

Original_language of Inferno is en

What is the Run time of Inferno ?

Run time of Inferno is 1.583 Hour

What is Release date of Inferno ?

Release date of Inferno is 1999-09-25


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