倒数说爱你 (2023 film)


倒数说爱你: Gu Yuxuan and Han Shuyan almost had a fated encounter when they were children. After they grew up, the two met again as they are destined to fall in love. After experiencing the happiness and sweetness of love, they had to face the test of fate together. Can the miracle of love keep them together?

倒数说爱你 Overview

Category Drama , Romance , Fantasy
Production company Wanda Pictures (CN)
Original language zh
Runtime 1.683 Hour
Release date 2023-04-28
Spoken language 普通话
Rating 82%
Vote Count 7

倒数说爱你 - FAQ

What are Categories of 倒数说爱你 ?

Category of 倒数说爱你 is Drama , Romance , Fantasy

What is the Production company of 倒数说爱你 ?

Production companies of 倒数说爱你 is Wanda Pictures (CN)

What is the Original language of 倒数说爱你 ?

Original_language of 倒数说爱你 is zh

What is the Run time of 倒数说爱你 ?

Run time of 倒数说爱你 is 1.683 Hour

What is Release date of 倒数说爱你 ?

Release date of 倒数说爱你 is 2023-04-28


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