Battle Over Britain (2023 film)

Battle Over Britain

Battle Over Britain: A young pilot, fresh out of training, is called to join a Flight while they wait for the call to scramble. Throughout a single day, he witnesses the skies of southern England filled with deadly dog fights, and after every exhausting battle the men return to their dispersal hut, only to find another of their number missing. Unwilling to surrender, the pilot and his comrades unite to take to the skies once more, determined to defend not only the airfield, but their entire country.

Battle Over Britain Overview

Category War
Production company Tin Hat Productions (GB)
Original language en
Runtime 1.333 Hour
Release date 2023-12-01
Spoken language English
Rating 65% 65
Vote Count 16

Battle Over Britain - FAQ

What is Category of Battle Over Britain ?

Category of Battle Over Britain is War

What is the Production company of Battle Over Britain ?

Production companies of Battle Over Britain is Tin Hat Productions (GB)

What is the Original language of Battle Over Britain ?

Original_language of Battle Over Britain is en

What is the Run time of Battle Over Britain ?

Run time of Battle Over Britain is 1.333 Hour

What is Release date of Battle Over Britain ?

Release date of Battle Over Britain is 2023-12-01


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