Cheat (2024 film)


Cheat: On the surface it's believed to be another urban legend - a supernatural being from the afterlife is violently killing anyone who cheats on their significant other in the small college town of Silvercreek, Pennsylvania. But the town's unusually high suicide rate is finally convincing both locals and college students that everything is not as it seems. When Maeve - a female college student - sleeps with Charlie, the married man of the host family she is staying with, both sense the deadly curse is closing in on them. Unable to get anyone to believe them, Maeve and Charlie seek out a local history student to help find answers and figure out a way to defend themselves. It all comes undone, however, as several people are horrifically killed by the savage being - one-by-one at a rapid pace. Eventually, Maeve, Charlie and the few survivors band together in an attempt to defeat the monster once and for all.

Cheat Overview

Category Thriller , Horror
Original language en
Runtime 1.417 Hour
Release date 2024-09-06
Spoken language Español , English
Rating 10% 10
Vote Count 1

Cheat - FAQ

What are Categories of Cheat ?

Category of Cheat is Thriller , Horror

What is the Original language of Cheat ?

Original_language of Cheat is en

What is the Run time of Cheat ?

Run time of Cheat is 1.417 Hour

What is Release date of Cheat ?

Release date of Cheat is 2024-09-06


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