無間道II (2003 film)


無間道II: In this prequel to the original, a bloody power struggle among the Triads coincides with the 1997 handover of Hong Kong, setting up the events of the first film.

無間道II Overview

Budget 0.125 million
Category Action , Thriller , Crime
Production company Media Asia Films (HK) , MediaCorp Raintree Pictures (SG) , Eastern Dragon Film Co. (SG) , Basic Pictures (HK)
Box office 3.208 million
Original language cn
Runtime 1.983 Hour
Release date 2003-10-01
Spoken language 广州话 / 廣州話 , English , ภาษาไทย , 普通话
Rating 72.57%
Vote Count 364

無間道II - FAQ

What is Budget of 無間道II ?

Budget of 無間道II is 0.125 million

What are Categories of 無間道II ?

Category of 無間道II is Action , Thriller , Crime

What are the Production companies of 無間道II ?

Production companies of 無間道II are Media Asia Films (HK) , MediaCorp Raintree Pictures (SG) , Eastern Dragon Film Co. (SG) , Basic Pictures (HK)

What is the Box office collection of 無間道II ?

Box office Collection of 無間道II is 3.208 million

What is the Original language of 無間道II ?

Original_language of 無間道II is cn

What is the Run time of 無間道II ?

Run time of 無間道II is 1.983 Hour

What is Release date of 無間道II ?

Release date of 無間道II is 2003-10-01


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