Love Rewind (2023 film)

Love Rewind

Love Rewind: Penny and Ali promised to be together forever, despite opposition from their families, society and the law. They defined their own rules of a committed relationship. Seventeen years later Australia is preparing to vote on same-sex marriage, but their relationship is shifting. Penny wants to revive their love but when Ali suffers a stroke and her hidden affair is revealed, Penny is forced to discover what true love means to her.

Love Rewind Overview

Original language en
Runtime 1.167 Hour
Release date 2023-09-22
Spoken language English

Love Rewind - FAQ

What is the Original language of Love Rewind ?

Original_language of Love Rewind is en

What is the Run time of Love Rewind ?

Run time of Love Rewind is 1.167 Hour

What is Release date of Love Rewind ?

Release date of Love Rewind is 2023-09-22


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