Pornopung (2013 film)


Pornopung: The story of Karl, Christian and Leo will forever change the way you view the relationship between men and women. In a world were women have the power and all the advantages, they've learned that there is only room for one kind of man - the kind that shaves his balls. In a competition to beat Casanova, they fall victim to their own most charming and destructive in a game all men and women are doomed to lose. Pornopung is a dark and entertaining journey through the forefront of modern seduction and sexuality. It will make the most ardent feminist admit that they've won the war of the sexes.

Pornopung Overview

Budget 1.8 million
Category Comedy , Drama
Production company Feil Film
Original language no
Runtime 1.6 Hour
Release date 2013-07-16
Spoken language Norsk
Rating 59.26% 59.26
Vote Count 27

Pornopung - FAQ

What is Budget of Pornopung ?

Budget of Pornopung is 1.8 million

What are Categories of Pornopung ?

Category of Pornopung is Comedy , Drama

What is the Production company of Pornopung ?

Production companies of Pornopung is Feil Film

What is the Original language of Pornopung ?

Original_language of Pornopung is no

What is the Run time of Pornopung ?

Run time of Pornopung is 1.6 Hour

What is Release date of Pornopung ?

Release date of Pornopung is 2013-07-16


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