बर्फी! (2012 film)


बर्फी!: Three young people learn that love can neither be defined nor contained by society's definition of normal and abnormal.

बर्फी! Overview

Budget 4.438 million
Category Drama , Romance , Comedy
Production company Ishana Movies , UTV Motion Pictures (IN)
Box office 2.805 million
Original language hi
Runtime 2.517 Hour
Release date 2012-09-13
Spoken language हिन्दी
Rating 74.97%
Vote Count 294

बर्फी! - FAQ

What is Budget of बर्फी! ?

Budget of बर्फी! is 4.438 million

What are Categories of बर्फी! ?

Category of बर्फी! is Drama , Romance , Comedy

What are the Production companies of बर्फी! ?

Production companies of बर्फी! are Ishana Movies , UTV Motion Pictures (IN)

What is the Box office collection of बर्फी! ?

Box office Collection of बर्फी! is 2.805 million

What is the Original language of बर्फी! ?

Original_language of बर्फी! is hi

What is the Run time of बर्फी! ?

Run time of बर्फी! is 2.517 Hour

What is Release date of बर्फी! ?

Release date of बर्फी! is 2012-09-13


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