Aquarius (2024 film)


Aquarius: The dawning of the Aquarius Festival in Nimbin 1973 – an alternative gathering embraced by activists, hippies, and radicals that changed a town (and a generation) forever. The small northern NSW dairy town was the perfect location, surrounded by farmland and rainforest. The inhabitants (all 300 of them) hoped the event would bring young people to their struggling town. Thousands arrived, all willing to contribute to the festival, whether by playing instruments or digging drains. It wasn’t quite all saunas, nudity, acrobatics, and chilled-out bliss, however: festivalgoers faced down police interference, internal chaos, drugs and personal dramas. Nonetheless, countless participants found kinship as well as a blueprint for a sustainable life. The story of the festival is lovingly told with newly uncovered footage and interviews with festival co-founders and attendees.

Aquarius Overview

Original language en
Runtime 1.333 Hour
Release date 2024-06-14
Rating 10% 10
Vote Count 1

Aquarius - FAQ

What is the Original language of Aquarius ?

Original_language of Aquarius is en

What is the Run time of Aquarius ?

Run time of Aquarius is 1.333 Hour

What is Release date of Aquarius ?

Release date of Aquarius is 2024-06-14


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