Sugar & Spice (2001 film)

Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice: When Jack and Diane find themselves in an unexpected adult situation, the A-Squad comes to their rescue. In order to help their friend Diane, the A-Squad goes where no cheerleader has gone before: taking on a little after-school project known as bank robbery. But the A-Squad does things their way -- with sugar and spice -- forever changing their friendship, their future and the nation's notion of teen spirit.

Sugar & Spice Overview

Budget 11 million
Category Crime , Comedy , Drama
Production company New Line Cinema (US)
Box office 13.277 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.35 Hour
Release date 2001-01-24
Spoken language English
Rating 63.4%
Vote Count 235

Sugar & Spice - FAQ

What is Budget of Sugar & Spice ?

Budget of Sugar & Spice is 11 million

What are Categories of Sugar & Spice ?

Category of Sugar & Spice is Crime , Comedy , Drama

What is the Production company of Sugar & Spice ?

Production companies of Sugar & Spice is New Line Cinema (US)

What is the Box office collection of Sugar & Spice ?

Box office Collection of Sugar & Spice is 13.277 million

What is the Original language of Sugar & Spice ?

Original_language of Sugar & Spice is en

What is the Run time of Sugar & Spice ?

Run time of Sugar & Spice is 1.35 Hour

What is Release date of Sugar & Spice ?

Release date of Sugar & Spice is 2001-01-24


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