In Good Company (2004 film)

In Good Company

In Good Company: Dan Foreman is a seasoned advertisement sales executive at a high-ranking publication when a corporate takeover results in him being placed under naive supervisor Carter Duryea, who is half his age. Matters are made worse when Dan's new supervisor becomes romantically involved with his daughter an 18 year-old college student Alex.

In Good Company Overview

Category Comedy , Drama , Romance
Production company Depth of Field (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.817 Hour
Release date 2004-12-29
Spoken language English , Italiano
Rating 59.54%
Vote Count 570

In Good Company - FAQ

What are Categories of In Good Company ?

Category of In Good Company is Comedy , Drama , Romance

What is the Production company of In Good Company ?

Production companies of In Good Company is Depth of Field (US)

What is the Original language of In Good Company ?

Original_language of In Good Company is en

What is the Run time of In Good Company ?

Run time of In Good Company is 1.817 Hour

What is Release date of In Good Company ?

Release date of In Good Company is 2004-12-29


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