The Sacred (2012 film)

The Sacred

The Sacred: Fresh off the success of her first horror novel, Jessie is revered by the literaly world as the next Stephen King. While her editor anxiously awaits her next novel, she is suffering from writer's block. Out of fear of becoming a one-hit novelist, Jessie ventures to her deceased aunt's cabin in the woods to find inspiration for her new book. Having not visited in many years, Jessie has no memory of her childhood summers at the cabin or her time spent in the surrounding woods. But when darkness falls on Jessie's first night alone in the cabin, her memories begin to awaken. A dark presence resides here; one that seems to be watching Jessie every move and one that she has always been afraid of. A series of erotic, bizarre and terrifying events that force Jessie to question her own reality.

The Sacred Overview

Category Thriller , Horror
Original language en
Runtime 1.367 Hour
Release date 2012-01-01
Spoken language English
Rating 49% 49
Vote Count 10

The Sacred - FAQ

What are Categories of The Sacred ?

Category of The Sacred is Thriller , Horror

What is the Original language of The Sacred ?

Original_language of The Sacred is en

What is the Run time of The Sacred ?

Run time of The Sacred is 1.367 Hour

What is Release date of The Sacred ?

Release date of The Sacred is 2012-01-01


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