HK/変態仮面 (2013 film)


HK/変態仮面: High school student Kyosuke Shikijo is the most talented member of the school's martial arts of the fist club. His late father was detective and Kyosuke share his father's strong sense of justice. Kyosuke also has a secret. Kyosuke likes to wear female underwear and transforms himself into the alter ego "Hentai Kamen," wearing female underwear and gaining superhuman powers. This unusual interest also comes from his parents, with his father a masochist and his mother a sadist. By chance, Kyosuke gets the underwear of female high school student Aiko Himeno. With her underwear, he gains various pervert techniques and attempts to protect Aiko from a dirty and heinous teacher.

HK/変態仮面 Overview

Category Action , Comedy
Production company T-JOY (JP) , L'espace Vision (JP)
Box office 0.78 million
Original language ja
Runtime 1.75 Hour
Release date 2013-04-13
Spoken language 日本語
Rating 62.78% 62.78
Vote Count 171

HK/変態仮面 - FAQ

What are Categories of HK/変態仮面 ?

Category of HK/変態仮面 is Action , Comedy

What are the Production companies of HK/変態仮面 ?

Production companies of HK/変態仮面 are T-JOY (JP) , L'espace Vision (JP)

What is the Box office collection of HK/変態仮面 ?

Box office Collection of HK/変態仮面 is 0.78 million

What is the Original language of HK/変態仮面 ?

Original_language of HK/変態仮面 is ja

What is the Run time of HK/変態仮面 ?

Run time of HK/変態仮面 is 1.75 Hour

What is Release date of HK/変態仮面 ?

Release date of HK/変態仮面 is 2013-04-13


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