Acompáñame (1966 film)


Acompáñame: Eduvigis is an Eldery Lady who lives in Madrid, and visits bad luck on everyone that she looks at through glasses that her late husband gave her, which were made from crystals from an Egyptian Tomb. To arrange the sale of an inherited house, she must travel to the Canary Islands, and so puts an advert in a newspaper asking for a maid to accompany her, and a chauffeur to drive her car. Mercedes, a girl who works in a Museum in Madrid, and Tony, a student whose college has just started Summer vacation, answer the advert. Neither of them gets along with the other at all, but both are hired to make the trip with Eduvigis. Arriving in Tenerife, Mercedes and Tony discover that the house is worth much more than it appears, and much more than what is being offered.

Acompáñame Overview

Category Comedy , Music
Production company Cámara Producciones Cinematográficas S.A.
Original language es
Runtime 1.883 Hour
Release date 1966-02-21
Spoken language Español
Rating 67% 67
Vote Count 38

Acompáñame - FAQ

What are Categories of Acompáñame ?

Category of Acompáñame is Comedy , Music

What is the Production company of Acompáñame ?

Production companies of Acompáñame is Cámara Producciones Cinematográficas S.A.

What is the Original language of Acompáñame ?

Original_language of Acompáñame is es

What is the Run time of Acompáñame ?

Run time of Acompáñame is 1.883 Hour

What is Release date of Acompáñame ?

Release date of Acompáñame is 1966-02-21


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