The Blackout (2013 film)

The Blackout

The Blackout: A rag tag band of idiots on the verge of signing a recording contract is sandbagged by their lead singer, Chas Knopfler, into throwing the mother of all parties the night before they embark on a world tour. Eddie Mesmer, the rhythm guitarist, awakens to find his drummer, Toss Dunbar, hanging from a tree like a scarecrow, and the house completely destroyed. Eddie and Toss quickly realize that A: they can't remember anything and B: there's a dead guy in the pool. Now, they have to figure out what happened the night before or their Rock and Roll dream is over.

The Blackout Overview

Budget 1.3 million
Category Comedy
Production company La Dolce Vita Inc. , Glossy Pictures
Original language en
Runtime 1.5 Hour
Release date 2013-09-01
Spoken language English
Rating 33% 33
Vote Count 9

The Blackout - FAQ

What is Budget of The Blackout ?

Budget of The Blackout is 1.3 million

What is Category of The Blackout ?

Category of The Blackout is Comedy

What are the Production companies of The Blackout ?

Production companies of The Blackout are La Dolce Vita Inc. , Glossy Pictures

What is the Original language of The Blackout ?

Original_language of The Blackout is en

What is the Run time of The Blackout ?

Run time of The Blackout is 1.5 Hour

What is Release date of The Blackout ?

Release date of The Blackout is 2013-09-01


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