Impure Thoughts (1986 film)

Impure Thoughts

Impure Thoughts: Four male friends are reunited after not being in contact with each other for several years. However, the meeting place is Purgatory, the afterlife state of limbo between heaven and hell. In Purgatory, these friends reflect on their pasts while they were living. They especially focus on their years in Catholic School and their coming of age. This film talks a lot about sexual issues. One of the characters is an 18-year old sent to Vietnam who dies without ever losing his virginity and there is a middle-aged, homosexual alcoholic playwright who has still has problems dealing with his identity.

Impure Thoughts Overview

Category Comedy
Original language en
Runtime 1.45 Hour
Release date 1986-11-25
Spoken language English
Rating 36% 36
Vote Count 5

Impure Thoughts - FAQ

What is Category of Impure Thoughts ?

Category of Impure Thoughts is Comedy

What is the Original language of Impure Thoughts ?

Original_language of Impure Thoughts is en

What is the Run time of Impure Thoughts ?

Run time of Impure Thoughts is 1.45 Hour

What is Release date of Impure Thoughts ?

Release date of Impure Thoughts is 1986-11-25


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