परवाना (1971 film)


परवाना: Kumar Sen is an artist of eminence, a talented painter, and a renowned sculptor; and like the majority of his clan, he has a sensitive introvert. But no artist can achieve any degree of brilliance in his work. Miss Asha Varma is the only niece of a retired, jovial old pensioner, Ashok Varma, and she is truly the light of Kumar's life. One stormy night, Kumar tries to hold Ashok Varma to his unsaid promise of giving him asha's hand in marriage. But the interview ends in unpleasantness for both of them, as angrily the old man ordered Kumar never to darken his doorstep again. Soon after Ashok Varma is strangled to death. Asha's beau Rajesh is arrested for Ashok's murder. The whole drama unfolds in court and truth prevails, who really murdered Ashok Varma and whether Rajesh is innocent or guilty.

परवाना Overview

Category Thriller , Mystery , Romance
Production company Ambika Chitra
Original language hi
Runtime 2.033 Hour
Release date 1971-04-04
Spoken language বাংলা , हिन्दी , English
Rating 42%
Vote Count 3

परवाना - FAQ

What are Categories of परवाना ?

Category of परवाना is Thriller , Mystery , Romance

What is the Production company of परवाना ?

Production companies of परवाना is Ambika Chitra

What is the Original language of परवाना ?

Original_language of परवाना is hi

What is the Run time of परवाना ?

Run time of परवाना is 2.033 Hour

What is Release date of परवाना ?

Release date of परवाना is 1971-04-04


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