Gloria (2014 film)


Gloria: Gloria never imagined that an audition for the music producer Sergio Andrade was going to change her life so drastically. King Midas not only brought her to stardom, but also to a dramatic story of love, heartbreak and betrayal. Based on the life story of pop/rock singer Gloria Trevi.

Gloria Overview

Category Music , Drama
Production company Universal Pictures International (GB) , Rio Negro (GB) , Labo (MX)
Original language es
Runtime 2 Hour
Release date 2014-10-20
Spoken language Español
Rating 74.16%
Vote Count 113

Gloria - FAQ

What are Categories of Gloria ?

Category of Gloria is Music , Drama

What are the Production companies of Gloria ?

Production companies of Gloria are Universal Pictures International (GB) , Rio Negro (GB) , Labo (MX)

What is the Original language of Gloria ?

Original_language of Gloria is es

What is the Run time of Gloria ?

Run time of Gloria is 2 Hour

What is Release date of Gloria ?

Release date of Gloria is 2014-10-20


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