Experimenter (2015 film)


Experimenter: Yale University, 1961. Stanley Milgram designs a psychology experiment that still resonates to this day, in which people think they’re delivering painful electric shocks to an affable stranger strapped into a chair in another room. Despite his pleads for mercy, the majority of subjects don’t stop the experiment, administering what they think is a near-fatal electric shock, simply because they’ve been told to do so. With Nazi Adolf Eichmann’s trial airing in living rooms across America, Milgram strikes a nerve in popular culture and the scientific community with his exploration into people’s tendency to comply with authority. Celebrated in some circles, he is also accused of being a deceptive, manipulative monster, but his wife Sasha stands by him through it all.

Experimenter Overview

Category Drama , History
Production company FJ Productions (US) , BB Film Productions (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.617 Hour
Release date 2015-10-16
Spoken language English
Rating 65.39% 65.39
Vote Count 444

Experimenter - FAQ

What are Categories of Experimenter ?

Category of Experimenter is Drama , History

What are the Production companies of Experimenter ?

Production companies of Experimenter are FJ Productions (US) , BB Film Productions (US)

What is the Original language of Experimenter ?

Original_language of Experimenter is en

What is the Run time of Experimenter ?

Run time of Experimenter is 1.617 Hour

What is Release date of Experimenter ?

Release date of Experimenter is 2015-10-16


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