Half Nelson (1985 film)

Half Nelson

Half Nelson: Rocky Nelson is a New York cop, who after making a major bust and selling the rights of his story to Hollywood decides to try his luck out as an actor. However, when he gets there, the directors think that he is too short to be an actor. He is then approach by someone who offers him a job at a Hollywood security agency, cause he would fit in there being an ex-cop and while working there he could come in contact with some Hollywood heavy-weights who could give him the break he needs. And at the same he gets to live in Dean Martin's guest-house.

Half Nelson Overview

Category TV Movie , Comedy , Drama
Production company 20th Century Fox Television (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.583 Hour
Release date 1985-03-24
Spoken language English
Rating 10% 10
Vote Count 1

Half Nelson - FAQ

What are Categories of Half Nelson ?

Category of Half Nelson is TV Movie , Comedy , Drama

What is the Production company of Half Nelson ?

Production companies of Half Nelson is 20th Century Fox Television (US)

What is the Original language of Half Nelson ?

Original_language of Half Nelson is en

What is the Run time of Half Nelson ?

Run time of Half Nelson is 1.583 Hour

What is Release date of Half Nelson ?

Release date of Half Nelson is 1985-03-24


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