Premiers crus (2015 film)

Premiers crus

Premiers crus: Winemaker son, Charlie Marshall left Burgundy to become a Parisian renowned winemaker, author of a successful guide whose notes are annually tremble vineyards. But in Côte-d'Or, his father lost the taste of wine and mistakes the family winery rush towards bankruptcy. At first reluctant, Charlie returns to Burgundy. It must his boots and shoes back up his sleeves and become winemaker confront a profession he does not know, under the skeptical gaze of his father. Between unpredictable weather and a delicate variety, Charlie will have to prove to his father that he is worthy of this land passed from generation to generation in their family. It is easy to note a wine, but how do we do a great wine?

Premiers crus Overview

Category Drama
Production company Alter Films (FR)
Original language fr
Runtime 1.617 Hour
Release date 2015-01-27
Spoken language Français
Rating 59% 59
Vote Count 41

Premiers crus - FAQ

What is Category of Premiers crus ?

Category of Premiers crus is Drama

What is the Production company of Premiers crus ?

Production companies of Premiers crus is Alter Films (FR)

What is the Original language of Premiers crus ?

Original_language of Premiers crus is fr

What is the Run time of Premiers crus ?

Run time of Premiers crus is 1.617 Hour

What is Release date of Premiers crus ?

Release date of Premiers crus is 2015-01-27


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