Paul (2011 film)


Paul: For the past 60 years, a space-traveling smart-ass named Paul has been locked up in a top-secret military base, advising world leaders about his kind. But when he worries he’s outlived his usefulness and the dissection table is drawing uncomfortably close, Paul escapes on the first RV that passes by his compound in Area 51. Fortunately, it contains the two earthlings who are most likely to rescue and harbor an alien on the run.

Paul Overview

Budget 40 million
Category Adventure , Comedy , Science Fiction
Production company Universal Pictures (US) , Relativity Media (US) , Working Title Films (GB) , Big Talk Studios (GB) , Working Title Films (US)
Box office 98 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.733 Hour
Release date 2011-02-14
Spoken language English
Rating 67.18% 67.18
Vote Count 5588

Paul - FAQ

What is Budget of Paul ?

Budget of Paul is 40 million

What are Categories of Paul ?

Category of Paul is Adventure , Comedy , Science Fiction

What are the Production companies of Paul ?

Production companies of Paul are Universal Pictures (US) , Relativity Media (US) , Working Title Films (GB) , Big Talk Studios (GB) , Working Title Films (US)

What is the Box office collection of Paul ?

Box office Collection of Paul is 98 million

What is the Original language of Paul ?

Original_language of Paul is en

What is the Run time of Paul ?

Run time of Paul is 1.733 Hour

What is Release date of Paul ?

Release date of Paul is 2011-02-14


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