The Northlander (2016 film)

The Northlander

The Northlander: In the year 2961, the time is after humanity and nature has recovered the land. A hunter named Cygnus is called to rise above his duty. He provides for Last Arc, a once nomadic band of survivors in need of food and water that is now growing scarce. The answer must be found before a group of outlandish Heretics descend upon them. Cygnus must voyage across the treacherous landscape to defend his people. Sent by Nova, the matriarch of the band, she acts based on her vision for Cygnus to find a seed of hope. The future of Last Arc is for him to discover, Cygnus ventures into a hostile landscape in search of an answer for his people. On this journey of encountering many traps and dangers, Cygnus discovers what has been hunting him is his identity.

The Northlander Overview

Category Adventure , Fantasy , Science Fiction
Production company MANIFOLD PICTURE
Original language en
Runtime 1.633 Hour
Release date 2016-10-14
Spoken language English
Rating 47% 47
Vote Count 24

The Northlander - FAQ

What are Categories of The Northlander ?

Category of The Northlander is Adventure , Fantasy , Science Fiction

What is the Production company of The Northlander ?

Production companies of The Northlander is MANIFOLD PICTURE

What is the Original language of The Northlander ?

Original_language of The Northlander is en

What is the Run time of The Northlander ?

Run time of The Northlander is 1.633 Hour

What is Release date of The Northlander ?

Release date of The Northlander is 2016-10-14


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