Those Calloways (1965 film)

Those Calloways

Those Calloways: Story of Cam Calloway and his family, who live in a densely wooded area in New England. Cam dreams of building a sanctuary for the geese that fly over the area each year, and he tries several schemes to buy a nearby lake for this santuary. He is thwarted at every attempt, it seems; he and his son try to get enough furs from their trapping venture to get the money, but the bottom falls out of the fur market. He uses the little money they get for a down payment on the lake, thereby losing their house when he can't make the mortgage payment. They move to the lake, where their friends help them build a cabin. A salesman stops in town, and tries to get the people to sell their land for a tourist venture; Cam is outraged at his tactics and takes desperate measures after he himself is tricked.

Those Calloways Overview

Category Drama , Family
Production company Walt Disney Productions (US)
Original language en
Runtime 2.183 Hour
Release date 1965-01-28
Spoken language English
Rating 64% 64
Vote Count 23

Those Calloways - FAQ

What are Categories of Those Calloways ?

Category of Those Calloways is Drama , Family

What is the Production company of Those Calloways ?

Production companies of Those Calloways is Walt Disney Productions (US)

What is the Original language of Those Calloways ?

Original_language of Those Calloways is en

What is the Run time of Those Calloways ?

Run time of Those Calloways is 2.183 Hour

What is Release date of Those Calloways ?

Release date of Those Calloways is 1965-01-28


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