Сторожова застава (2017 film)

Сторожова застава

Сторожова застава: A solar eclipse activates a magic time portal, and a regular schoolboy Vit'ko from the 21st century goes a thousand years back in time. It doesn’t take Vitya long to recognize the legendary bogatyrs in young Oleshko, powerful Ilya and severe Dobrynya. Their life passes in fighting cumans who try to destroy Rusichi at any cost, using both weapons and black magic. Vitya finds himself in the very midst of incredible events, battles with mythical creatures and acquires real courage.

Сторожова застава Overview

Budget 2 million
Category Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , History
Production company Kinorob (UA)
Box office 2.746 million
Original language uk
Runtime 1.667 Hour
Release date 2017-10-12
Spoken language Український
Rating 72.27%
Vote Count 209

Сторожова застава - FAQ

What is Budget of Сторожова застава ?

Budget of Сторожова застава is 2 million

What are Categories of Сторожова застава ?

Category of Сторожова застава is Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy , History

What is the Production company of Сторожова застава ?

Production companies of Сторожова застава is Kinorob (UA)

What is the Box office collection of Сторожова застава ?

Box office Collection of Сторожова застава is 2.746 million

What is the Original language of Сторожова застава ?

Original_language of Сторожова застава is uk

What is the Run time of Сторожова застава ?

Run time of Сторожова застава is 1.667 Hour

What is Release date of Сторожова застава ?

Release date of Сторожова застава is 2017-10-12


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