L'Atalante (1934 film)


L'Atalante: Capricious small-town girl Juliette and barge captain Jean marry after a whirlwind courtship, and she comes to live aboard his boat, L'Atalante. As they make their way down the Seine, Jean grows weary of Juliette's flirtations with his all-male crew, and Juliette longs to escape the monotony of the boat and experience the excitement of a big city. When she steals away to Paris by herself, her husband begins to think their marriage was a mistake.

L'Atalante Overview

Category Romance , Drama , Comedy
Production company Jean-Louis Nounez
Original language fr
Runtime 1.483 Hour
Release date 1934-04-24
Spoken language Français
Rating 74.83%
Vote Count 381

L'Atalante - FAQ

What are Categories of L'Atalante ?

Category of L'Atalante is Romance , Drama , Comedy

What is the Production company of L'Atalante ?

Production companies of L'Atalante is Jean-Louis Nounez

What is the Original language of L'Atalante ?

Original_language of L'Atalante is fr

What is the Run time of L'Atalante ?

Run time of L'Atalante is 1.483 Hour

What is Release date of L'Atalante ?

Release date of L'Atalante is 1934-04-24


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