Campeones (2018 film)


Campeones: A disgraced basketball coach is given the chance to coach Los Amigos, a team of players who are intellectually disabled, and soon realizes they just might have what it takes to make it to the national championships.

Campeones Overview

Budget 4.921 million
Category Drama , Comedy
Production company Películas Pendelton (ES) , Morena Films (ES) , Movistar+ (ES) , Realizaciones Sol S.A. (ES) , TVE (ES)
Box office 20.121 million
Original language es
Runtime 2.067 Hour
Release date 2018-04-06
Spoken language Español
Rating 75.47%
Vote Count 695

Campeones - FAQ

What is Budget of Campeones ?

Budget of Campeones is 4.921 million

What are Categories of Campeones ?

Category of Campeones is Drama , Comedy

What are the Production companies of Campeones ?

Production companies of Campeones are Películas Pendelton (ES) , Morena Films (ES) , Movistar+ (ES) , Realizaciones Sol S.A. (ES) , TVE (ES)

What is the Box office collection of Campeones ?

Box office Collection of Campeones is 20.121 million

What is the Original language of Campeones ?

Original_language of Campeones is es

What is the Run time of Campeones ?

Run time of Campeones is 2.067 Hour

What is Release date of Campeones ?

Release date of Campeones is 2018-04-06


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