Midnight Son (2011 film)

Midnight Son

Midnight Son: MIDNIGHT SON is the story of Jacob, a young man confined to a life of isolation, due to a rare skin disorder that prevents him from being exposed to sunlight. His world opens up when he meets Mary, a local bartender, and falls in love. Tragically, Jacob’s actions become increasingly bizarre as he struggles to cope with the effects of his worsening condition. Forced by the disease to drink human blood for sustenance, he must control his increasingly violent tendencies as local law enforcement narrow their focus on him as a suspect in a series of grisly murders.

Midnight Son Overview

Category Drama , Horror , Action
Production company Free Lunch Productions
Original language en
Runtime 1.483 Hour
Release date 2011-03-04
Spoken language English
Rating 58% 58
Vote Count 44

Midnight Son - FAQ

What are Categories of Midnight Son ?

Category of Midnight Son is Drama , Horror , Action

What is the Production company of Midnight Son ?

Production companies of Midnight Son is Free Lunch Productions

What is the Original language of Midnight Son ?

Original_language of Midnight Son is en

What is the Run time of Midnight Son ?

Run time of Midnight Son is 1.483 Hour

What is Release date of Midnight Son ?

Release date of Midnight Son is 2011-03-04


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