Черновик (2018 film)


Черновик: Young Muscovite Kirill is a talented designer of computer games. One day, he is completely erased from the memory of everyone he knew and loved. Kirill learns that he has been chosen for an important and mysterious mission: to become a customs officer between parallel worlds, of which there are dozens in the universe. Will Kirill unravel the mystery of these worlds and who controls them? And is our Earth really just an imaginary "draft" -- a parallel world -- which in reality does not exist ...

Черновик Overview

Category Fantasy , Science Fiction , Action
Production company New People Film Company (RU)
Original language ru
Runtime 1.933 Hour
Release date 2018-05-25
Spoken language Pусский
Rating 53.44%
Vote Count 144

Черновик - FAQ

What are Categories of Черновик ?

Category of Черновик is Fantasy , Science Fiction , Action

What is the Production company of Черновик ?

Production companies of Черновик is New People Film Company (RU)

What is the Original language of Черновик ?

Original_language of Черновик is ru

What is the Run time of Черновик ?

Run time of Черновик is 1.933 Hour

What is Release date of Черновик ?

Release date of Черновик is 2018-05-25


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