Tasty (1985 film)


Tasty: Radio station manager Gary Connors threatens to fire all the disc jockeys who work for his station KNUT after a major advertiser says they will remove all of their ads unless the sagging ratings improve by the end of the week. Sexy DJ Tasty Tastums and her fellow disc jockeys decide to rectify the situation by switching from playing rock music to broadcasting about various racy sex-related subject matter live on the air.

Tasty Overview

Category Comedy
Production company Redi Set , Caribbean Films
Original language en
Runtime 1.417 Hour
Release date 1985-04-18
Spoken language English
Rating 86.67%
Vote Count 3

Tasty - FAQ

What is Category of Tasty ?

Category of Tasty is Comedy

What are the Production companies of Tasty ?

Production companies of Tasty are Redi Set , Caribbean Films

What is the Original language of Tasty ?

Original_language of Tasty is en

What is the Run time of Tasty ?

Run time of Tasty is 1.417 Hour

What is Release date of Tasty ?

Release date of Tasty is 1985-04-18


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