I See You (2019 film)

I See You

I See You: When a 10-year-old boy goes missing, lead investigator Greg Harper struggles to balance the pressure of the investigation and troubles with his wife, Jackie. Facing a recent affair, great strain is put on the family that slowly gnaws away at Jackie's grip on reality. But after a malicious presence manifests itself in their home and puts their son, Connor, in mortal danger, the cold, hard truth about evil in the Harper household is finally uncovered.

I See You Overview

Budget 3 million
Category Horror , Thriller
Production company Zodiac Features (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.633 Hour
Release date 2019-09-11
Spoken language English
Rating 70.13% 70.13
Vote Count 1405

I See You - FAQ

What is Budget of I See You ?

Budget of I See You is 3 million

What are Categories of I See You ?

Category of I See You is Horror , Thriller

What is the Production company of I See You ?

Production companies of I See You is Zodiac Features (US)

What is the Original language of I See You ?

Original_language of I See You is en

What is the Run time of I See You ?

Run time of I See You is 1.633 Hour

What is Release date of I See You ?

Release date of I See You is 2019-09-11


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