옆집 소녀 2 (2018 film)

옆집 소녀 2

옆집 소녀 2: Her husband Sejin is not interested in his wife Ahae as a woman. Ahae's husband is just heartless. In fact, Sejin is having an affair with Ara's young and beautiful younger brother Ara. After having suffered from depression due to work poisoning, he receives a message from the alumni association, and he changes his mind and attends. There, she meets Ahae, the next-door sister who had a crush on her childhood, and is still fantastic with her pretty appearance. Lonely Aha due to the innocence of her husband and Gunhoo approaching her with counseling. As if they were aware of each other's loneliness, they are attracted to each other and spend one night, returning to each other's daily lives, but after forgetting about the Ahae, the hand of the Ahae Abandonment comes to mind all night. Will they be able to go back to their daily lives?

옆집 소녀 2 Overview

Category Romance
Original language ko
Runtime 1.367 Hour
Release date 2018-12-14
Spoken language 한국어/조선말
Rating 68%
Vote Count 5

옆집 소녀 2 - FAQ

What is Category of 옆집 소녀 2 ?

Category of 옆집 소녀 2 is Romance

What is the Original language of 옆집 소녀 2 ?

Original_language of 옆집 소녀 2 is ko

What is the Run time of 옆집 소녀 2 ?

Run time of 옆집 소녀 2 is 1.367 Hour

What is Release date of 옆집 소녀 2 ?

Release date of 옆집 소녀 2 is 2018-12-14


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