Best Player (2011 film)

Best Player

Best Player: After his parents decide to move to a retirement home in Florida, professional gamer Quincy “Q” Johnson (Jerry Trainor) must find a way to raise 175,000 dollars to buy his family home. After hearing about a tournament for the game “Black Hole” with a grand prize of 175,500 dollars, Quincy enters the tournament, only to be faced with a new challenge. An equally skilled gamer, named Chris Saunders “Prodigy” (Jeanette McCurdy), has become the one block in Quincy’s plan, defeating him at every turn. Quincy then teams-up with his friend Wendell (Amir Talai), to try and find ways to stop Chris from entering the tournament.

Best Player Overview

Category Comedy , Family , TV Movie
Production company Pacific Bay Entertainment
Original language en
Runtime 1.483 Hour
Release date 2011-03-12
Spoken language English
Rating 66% 66
Vote Count 171

Best Player - FAQ

What are Categories of Best Player ?

Category of Best Player is Comedy , Family , TV Movie

What is the Production company of Best Player ?

Production companies of Best Player is Pacific Bay Entertainment

What is the Original language of Best Player ?

Original_language of Best Player is en

What is the Run time of Best Player ?

Run time of Best Player is 1.483 Hour

What is Release date of Best Player ?

Release date of Best Player is 2011-03-12


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