Security (2021 film)


Security: After the assault of a young woman in their seaside town, a security expert and his family get caught in a powerful riptide of secrets and lies.

Security Overview

Category Thriller
Production company Indiana Production (IT) , Vision Distribution (IT)
Original language it
Runtime 1.967 Hour
Release date 2021-06-07
Spoken language Italiano
Rating 55.99%
Vote Count 171

Security - FAQ

What is Category of Security ?

Category of Security is Thriller

What are the Production companies of Security ?

Production companies of Security are Indiana Production (IT) , Vision Distribution (IT)

What is the Original language of Security ?

Original_language of Security is it

What is the Run time of Security ?

Run time of Security is 1.967 Hour

What is Release date of Security ?

Release date of Security is 2021-06-07


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