Slumberland (2022 film)


Slumberland: A young girl discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw, she traverses dreams and flees nightmares, with the hope that she will be able to see her late father again.

Slumberland Overview

Budget 35 million
Category Family , Fantasy , Comedy
Production company Chernin Entertainment (US) , about:blank (US)
Original language en
Runtime 1.95 Hour
Release date 2022-11-18
Spoken language English
Rating 74.18%
Vote Count 723

Slumberland - FAQ

What is Budget of Slumberland ?

Budget of Slumberland is 35 million

What are Categories of Slumberland ?

Category of Slumberland is Family , Fantasy , Comedy

What are the Production companies of Slumberland ?

Production companies of Slumberland are Chernin Entertainment (US) , about:blank (US)

What is the Original language of Slumberland ?

Original_language of Slumberland is en

What is the Run time of Slumberland ?

Run time of Slumberland is 1.95 Hour

What is Release date of Slumberland ?

Release date of Slumberland is 2022-11-18


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