Uncle Tom (2020 film)

Uncle Tom

Uncle Tom: In this collection of interviews with some of America's most conservative black pundits, white director Justin Malone presents his vision of being black in America. Featuring politicians, lobbyists, ministers, some unqualified random people (even an alleged sex pest), the film explores their choice to navigate the world as one of America's most self-resenting identities: the American Black Conservative. In this propaganda film from Director Justin Malone and Executive Producer Larry Elder, Uncle Tom evangelizes victim-blaming, selfishness, and their lack of empathy. Uncle Tom shows us a biased perspective of American History from this political ”movement.”

Uncle Tom Overview

Category Documentary , Comedy
Production company Malone Pictures
Original language en
Runtime 1.767 Hour
Release date 2020-06-19
Spoken language English
Rating 78% 78
Vote Count 28

Uncle Tom - FAQ

What are Categories of Uncle Tom ?

Category of Uncle Tom is Documentary , Comedy

What is the Production company of Uncle Tom ?

Production companies of Uncle Tom is Malone Pictures

What is the Original language of Uncle Tom ?

Original_language of Uncle Tom is en

What is the Run time of Uncle Tom ?

Run time of Uncle Tom is 1.767 Hour

What is Release date of Uncle Tom ?

Release date of Uncle Tom is 2020-06-19


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