Pelé (2021 film)


Pelé: Against the backdrop of a turbulent era in Brazil, this documentary captures Pelé's extraordinary path from breakthrough talent to national hero. Mixing rare archival footage and exclusive interviews, this documentary celebrates the legendary Brazilian footballer who personified football as art.

Pelé Overview

Category Documentary
Production company Pitch Productions , Saraguina Filmes (BR)
Original language pt
Runtime 1.8 Hour
Release date 2021-02-23
Spoken language English , Français , Italiano , Português , Español , Deutsch
Rating 73.93%
Vote Count 178

Pelé - FAQ

What is Category of Pelé ?

Category of Pelé is Documentary

What are the Production companies of Pelé ?

Production companies of Pelé are Pitch Productions , Saraguina Filmes (BR)

What is the Original language of Pelé ?

Original_language of Pelé is pt

What is the Run time of Pelé ?

Run time of Pelé is 1.8 Hour

What is Release date of Pelé ?

Release date of Pelé is 2021-02-23


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