L'Événement (2021 film)


L'Événement: France, 1963. Anne is a bright young student with a promising future ahead of her. But when she falls pregnant, she sees the opportunity to finish her studies and escape the constraints of her social background disappearing. With her final exams fast approaching and her belly growing, Anne resolves to act, even if she has to confront shame and pain, even if she must risk prison to do so.

L'Événement Overview

Category Drama
Production company France 3 Cinéma (FR) , Rectangle Productions (FR) , Srab Films (FR) , Wild Bunch (FR)
Original language fr
Runtime 1.667 Hour
Release date 2021-11-24
Spoken language Français
Rating 72.14%
Vote Count 336

L'Événement - FAQ

What is Category of L'Événement ?

Category of L'Événement is Drama

What are the Production companies of L'Événement ?

Production companies of L'Événement are France 3 Cinéma (FR) , Rectangle Productions (FR) , Srab Films (FR) , Wild Bunch (FR)

What is the Original language of L'Événement ?

Original_language of L'Événement is fr

What is the Run time of L'Événement ?

Run time of L'Événement is 1.667 Hour

What is Release date of L'Événement ?

Release date of L'Événement is 2021-11-24


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