Roman Holiday (1953 film)

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday: Overwhelmed by her suffocating schedule, touring European princess Ann takes off for a night while in Rome. When a sedative she took from her doctor kicks in, however, she falls asleep on a park bench and is found by an American reporter, Joe Bradley, who takes her back to his apartment for safety. At work the next morning, Joe finds out Ann's regal identity and bets his editor he can get exclusive interview with her, but romance soon gets in the way.

Roman Holiday Overview

Budget 1.5 million
Category Romance , Comedy , Drama
Production company Paramount (US)
Box office 12 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.983 Hour
Release date 1953-08-26
Spoken language English , Italiano
Rating 79%
Vote Count 1852

Roman Holiday - FAQ

What is Budget of Roman Holiday ?

Budget of Roman Holiday is 1.5 million

What are Categories of Roman Holiday ?

Category of Roman Holiday is Romance , Comedy , Drama

What is the Production company of Roman Holiday ?

Production companies of Roman Holiday is Paramount (US)

What is the Box office collection of Roman Holiday ?

Box office Collection of Roman Holiday is 12 million

What is the Original language of Roman Holiday ?

Original_language of Roman Holiday is en

What is the Run time of Roman Holiday ?

Run time of Roman Holiday is 1.983 Hour

What is Release date of Roman Holiday ?

Release date of Roman Holiday is 1953-08-26


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