Poetic Justice (1993 film)

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice: Still grieving after the murder of her boyfriend, hairdresser Justice writes poetry to deal with the pain of her loss. Unable to get to Oakland to attend a convention because of her broken-down car, Justice gets a lift with her friend, Iesha, and Iesha's postal worker boyfriend, Chicago. Along for the ride is Chicago's co-worker, Lucky, to whom Justice grows close after some initial problems. But is she ready to open her heart again?

Poetic Justice Overview

Budget 14 million
Category Drama , Romance
Production company Columbia Pictures (US)
Box office 27.516 million
Original language en
Runtime 1.817 Hour
Release date 1993-07-23
Spoken language English
Rating 68.78% 68.78
Vote Count 245

Poetic Justice - FAQ

What is Budget of Poetic Justice ?

Budget of Poetic Justice is 14 million

What are Categories of Poetic Justice ?

Category of Poetic Justice is Drama , Romance

What is the Production company of Poetic Justice ?

Production companies of Poetic Justice is Columbia Pictures (US)

What is the Box office collection of Poetic Justice ?

Box office Collection of Poetic Justice is 27.516 million

What is the Original language of Poetic Justice ?

Original_language of Poetic Justice is en

What is the Run time of Poetic Justice ?

Run time of Poetic Justice is 1.817 Hour

What is Release date of Poetic Justice ?

Release date of Poetic Justice is 1993-07-23


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