Madrid, 1987 (2011 film)

Madrid, 1987

Madrid, 1987: Two characters: old and young; teacher and pupil; man and woman. Four walls within which they conjure intellectualism, relive the profession (journalism), explore politics and discover each other.

Madrid, 1987 Overview

Category Drama
Production company Buenavida Producciones (ES)
Original language es
Runtime 1.733 Hour
Release date 2011-09-22
Spoken language Español
Rating 64.54%
Vote Count 54

Madrid, 1987 - FAQ

What is Category of Madrid, 1987 ?

Category of Madrid, 1987 is Drama

What is the Production company of Madrid, 1987 ?

Production companies of Madrid, 1987 is Buenavida Producciones (ES)

What is the Original language of Madrid, 1987 ?

Original_language of Madrid, 1987 is es

What is the Run time of Madrid, 1987 ?

Run time of Madrid, 1987 is 1.733 Hour

What is Release date of Madrid, 1987 ?

Release date of Madrid, 1987 is 2011-09-22


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